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PGCS Claim Services (PGCS) is the premier governmental third party claims administrator in Florida. Since its founding in 1956, PGCS has provided claims administration services to over 450 governmental entities, including schools, cities, towns, counties, community development districts, and fire districts.

Our staff of claims, Case Management, IT, and Accounting professionals delivers the best product in the marketplace. Our claims administration program consists of workers' compensation, general liability, bodily injury, personal injury, property, auto liability, auto physical damage, employment practices liability, school leaders/educators liability and public officials liability. PGCS also provides a catastrophic adjusting team in the event of a hurricane, natural, or man-made disaster.

PGCS provides our clients with a dedicated Subrogation Unit to pursue reimbursements from at-fault third parties. Our current recovery rate is fifty-seven (57) percent of the claim costs expended. PGCS also has a dedicated excess reporting unit for communication to and securing reimbursement from the excess and/or reinsurance carriers.

We are committed to partnering with our clients to provide professional and aggressive claim management programs. While we are recognized as the leader in the industry, we are always striving to improve the quality of our programs and expand the services that we offer.